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"Generally I exercise more than he does, Sometimes he just drinks coffee and reads the news while I do yoga."READ MORE: * Men want beauty, women want financial security from relationships * Together 83 years - what's their secret? Turner admits that sometimes her partner feels like she's judging him for his unhealthy habits – which she says isn't true – and he sometimes gets annoyed because he feels he's missing out on eating what he enjoys.

Despite this, she says that their differences are mostly not a big deal and it's just a matter of compromise on both of their behalves."We accept each other for who we are," she says.

There are 15 questions that are composed by Celebrity Love Architect Kailen Rosenberg and Dr. The full test is comprised of 85 questions and costs .

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Likewise, when Dennis and I began to deal with some difficulties in our relationship early in our marriage, we discovered the beauty of acceptance. Often, during our first year of marriage, I found myself being left in Dennis's dust. Dennis was expressive; I tended to be quiet and cautious about what I said.

There’s always been wonder toward why opposites attract.

Yet, we’re told that relationships are stronger and generally easier when you share a lot in common. Ongoing research on both sides of the argument definitely beg the question: though opposites attract, can they be happy with each other and sustain a relationship?

Soon she saw, glittering in the water, a silvery thread.

Upon further inspection, the thread proved to be a half-mile long!