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CRM and Tat/Ogre retrotransposons dominated the Gypsy superfamily, whereas Maximus/Sireviruses were most abundant among Copia retrotransposons. Only four clones originating from degenerate polymerase chain reaction (PCR) on microdissected sex chromosomes exhibited homologies with Gypsy (DOP-47 and 61), Copia (DOP-60), and non-LTR retrotransposons (DOP-8, Mariotti et al. has two 45Sr DNA loci on two autosomal pairs (Lengerova and Vyskot 2001). 2008) are accumulated on the Y chromosome of (Sakamoto et al. However, repetitive DNA can have also other patterns than simple accumulation on the Y chromosome.

Only one Gypsy subfamily had accumulated on Y chromosomes, and others were depleted from the X chromosome. Intraspecific variability of Y-associated satellites such as RAYSI and RAE180 is much higher than that in the autosomal RAE730 satellite, which indicates a particular mode of evolution of satellites in a nonrecombining genomic context (Navajas-Pérez et al. Repetitive DNA forms a significant proportion of eukaryotic genomes. For example, Ogre retrotransposon is ubiquitous on all autosomes and the X chromosome but is absent on the Y chromosome in despite their presence on other chromosomes (Pokorna et al. In this study, we analyzed the structure, genomic proportion, expression, and chromosomal localization of the main classes of TEs and satellites in the dioecious plant .