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Many people don’t even consider how they treat themselves and they can’t see how self-hate derails their healing process.

Our physical bodies need to be cared for with the right nutrition, exercise, and rest, so why would our emotional self be any different? When you are judgmental the following problems occur: Self-validation occurs when you affirm that your emotions, thoughts, and experiences are real, significant, and understandable.

But I am worth acknowledging this and can see that this moment is reminding me of a past failure.” Empathize with yourself on why this feeling might be occurring.

This could sound something like: “I can see why depression is resurfacing now because my mom died four years ago during spring time.” Basically, self-empathy recognizes that painful present moments do not occur in isolation but are a result of multiple past events and the choices made by you or other people.

Processing emotional pain requires you to be kind towards yourself and to treat your emotional self with compassion and grace. For example, when you empathize with a friend, you try to understand their unique point of view.

This could sound something like: “I can see how you might feel depressed considering that you just lost your job,” or “That must be difficult.” Try using this same empathic attitude towards yourself.

by Scott Mehl “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy changes people, and we can prove it.” This implicit claim has propelled Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to become one of the most widely practiced therapies in the world.

No other form of therapy has the scientific validation and popular support currently enjoyed by CBT.

These people usually have emotional problems that make them need to feel powerful and in control by manipulating the weaker person.

I haven’t felt very respected and that has made me lash out.

I didn’t repay evil for evil, but I could have done better. But it is so hard when you’re doing your best to be respectful and the other person doesn’t respect you.

Since my family has not had any “official” services for him yet and I won’t be able to go to them due to financial issues and a cat who has chronic diseases and is not yet ready to die, I had my own private funeral service on Tuesday May 2nd that included getting a beautiful tattoo.

I kept thinking “goodbye grandpa” during the tattoo which is on my upper right arm. Parts of it hurt like heck as the inside of one’s arm is much more sensitive, but my tattoo artist and my husband encouraged me during the tough parts and I breathed and laughed my way through it. I’m not letting go but I finally feel so at peace that he is physically gone.