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Clear 360 degree Masthead Lights and Anchor Lights, Red Port Lights, Green or Blue Starboard Lights, Running lights, Ship and Boat Signal Lights for River and Blue Water Vessels.George and Roger rode to Texas together and wrote some songs along the way. That October, they were paired on the first single of Roger Miller's career.The Mercury-Starday record went absolutely nowhere, but Roger continued to struggle away, writing for Starday and recording mail order sound-a-like records of other artists' hits.“Sure we have a tremendous number of members involved in agriculture, but it’s also spread to people who just live in rural communities, are animal lovers, people who are into being outdoors under a blue sky instead of in a cubicle under a fluorescent light.” We sat down with Miller to hear more about the inspiration behind Farmers Only, as well as how it’s putting the fun and ease back into online dating and showing other niche sites how it’s done.Miller, who grew up in a rural area of southern Ohio and spent most of his childhood outdoors, got the idea for a Farmers Only-type dating site in 2005 when he was working at an advertising agency.