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Everybody needs company, no matter what their age is.No other community does more for the safety of its members than Stitch.Stitch is designed to work on all devices, no matter how big or how small.

Having time to sit at home and browse member profiles on your computer simply isn't a luxury that most of us can afford.

Straighter is a website that allows you to earn college credits at thousands of colleges with their online, self-paced college courses, with nearly 40 courses in Sciences, Humanities, English, Math and Business.

Members must first sign up to take courses from Straighter Line, then apply to a partner college where you will be able to transfer the course/courses for credit.

The members area is specifically interested in matching age differences namely older women and younger men The only app you need for meeting new people especially if you travel around to the major cities of the world.

Understand how to communicate with women on this app (hint: don’t be so sexual) and you will have more “friends” than you know what to do with.