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Aired 8-9p ET • Grand Jury Subpoenas Issued In Russia Probe; Phone Transcripts Reveal Trump Scolding Allies; Trump under Fire For Calling New Hampshire A 'Drug-Infested Den".Aired 9-10p ET • Trump Makes Up Phone Calls from Mexico, Boy Scouts; Trump Backs Merit-Based Legal Immigration Plan.A concoction favored by the owner, a 50-year-old former engineer named Glenn Felts, the Eraser consisted of “hefty portions of vodka and Kahlua topped with club soda,” according to La Kiva’s website.It was to be “inhaled through a straw from the bottom up as fast as possible.” It was a fitting cocktail for Terlingua, a former ghost town turned ramshackle tourist paradise.The town, which sits at the southernmost tip of one of Texas’s largest and least populated counties, 12 miles from the Rio Grande and the Mexican border, flourishes during the high season from November to March, when most of the park’s 340,000 annual visitors pass through.But Terlingua’s year-round population is well under a thousand—the 2010 Census put it at just 58—a small clutch of raft guides, seekers, and lost souls looking for a new start. Most people don’t ever get to see the Milky Way smeared across the sky; in Terlingua, it greets you almost every night.

The 34-year-old convict — sentenced by a Santa Barbara jury to life in prison without parole for organizing the kidnap and murder of 15-year-old Nicholas Markowitz over a drug debt in 2000 — married Melinda Enos during a small ceremony at Calapatria State Prison on January 19.

The right to legal counsel is one of the foundations of the legal system in the United States.

In most situations, a person facing criminal charges can have an attorney represent them through the case.

I find no way to convert a date from 12 hours to 24 hours using date formatter. So, if there is another way then please suggest that.

Right now, doing NSDate *now =[NSDate date]; is giving me 2016-01-16 0000 which is nothing near pm.