No plug in fuck chat

Camfrog Bot can do the following administrative actions for you.Camfrog Bot extends its functionality with plug-in modules.It used to be that the mark of a “fun” office was a foosball table crammed into the break room.

You can also select the template to which you want to export your content Create table of contents for any wiki page in sidebar or in a wiki page.

Camfrog Bot is created to help you operate your Camfrog Video Chat Room, log chat room events so that nothing important passes you by, entertain your chat visitors and more.

You may also add custom functionality to Camfrog Bot by writing your plug-in modules.

Modify template features based on ACL, IP-addresses, days of week.

Features include page and site tools, logos, taglines, wiki titles. Currently works in the Doku Wiki template and its derivatives.