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They're the too often forgotten "I" at the end of LGBTQI, but according to the Intersex Society of North America, 1 in every 100 people is born with a body that doesn't fit what we typically think of as "male" or "female." Although some intersex people are identified at birth based on the appearance of their genitalia, others discover their status when puberty hits (or doesn't hit), and others still reach old age without ever learning about their condition. Woman A: Being intersex means being born with some characteristics that don't neatly fit into the "normal" spectrum of human sexual development (were there such a thing).

spoke with three intersex people about sex, puberty, relationships, and what it's like to grow up with a body that doesn't fit the medical norm. Myself, I look completely female, but happen to have XY chromosomes.

Demanding that any suitors be taller than 6'3" is a rather limiting request considering the average male height in the US tops out around 5'10".

"It’s mind-boggling," says Gerard, 31, who is 5'10".

If anything, men have earned their reputation for being superficial over the course of many generations.

This is likely the exact reason that a guy doing something similar so flagrantly right there in his profile would feel tasteless and worthy of scorn.

There are plenty of women out there looking for whatever you’re looking for, but for those of us that aren’t… If you end up finding someone and getting serious, she’ll discover your lies and may decide she’s no longer interested in you. When I shop online, I want to see every detail of the item I’m buying, no surprises. I can assure you that if you ask, you’ll never find out first hand. Seeing as my profession is not listed as adult entertainer, I’m not taking nude photos or videos for you.

However, you are not an item and I’d prefer there be some mystery. That’s cool — I think your mustache is creepy, but maybe you could strap the boys back on and tell me to my face, or at least via text instead of just vanishing? You can pay for that the same as you paid for this dating membership.

Since I don't produce natural estrogen, I take daily hormones to maintain healthy bones, sexual health, and emotional health.

Civil rights lawyer Gloria Allred says she has been contacted by several women claiming they were sexually harassed or abused by Mr Trump.

Mr Trump and his companies have been accused of sexual harassment and gender discrimination at least 20 times in the past.

At the outset, I can understand: women are typically shorter than men; and if a man falls way below that variance it’s fairly easy to deduce he may be seen as less attractive to the general population.

Here's a common one: "I like to wear heels, so if you're under (insert desired height) swipe left." And it's not even just requests for guys who are slightly taller -- in some cases it's pushed to the statistical edges of male height.